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Welcome to the website for Stoughton hockey, beginning in 2019-20 the Stoughton Varsity Program merged with the Brockton team.........................


Friends Of Stoughton Hockey (F.O.S.H.)

This link describes the background and contributions of the Friends of Stoughton Hockey organization. It is an organization dedicated to promoting hockey in the town of Stoughton.


Team Schedules

By going to this link, you will be able to see the schedule for four squads- varsity boys and girls, JV, and middle school, complete with game scores for all teams.


Team Roster

The roster for the boys and girls varsity teams is listed here, along with the roster for the middle school team.



This page supplies statistics for the Stoughton boys varsity team, updated after each game, including stats for individual and team, along with historical data.


Game Recaps

On this page you will find the box scores and game summaries of every Stoughton game played during the season, for both regular season play and post-season play as well, when applicable. At the current time I have box scores for the men's team only.



A team is only as good as the coaches who lead them. This page will introduce you to the coaching staff of Stoughton hockey, and you will learn  much about the men behind the bench.


News And Notes

This page is reserved for miscellaneous newsworthy items and any other important topics involving Stoughton hockey.


Rink Directions

On this page you will find directions to every rink that Stoughton will play in for the calendar year, written in text format.



Here are listed relevant links to compliment Stoughton hockey. The links are mostly hockey-related, with a few other noteworthy non-hockey sites listed as well.


League Info Here you will find information on the Hockomock League, including the league schedule, playoff information, and standings.


Theme song is " Nutty" recorded by the Ventures (AKA the Boston Bruins theme song from  the 1970's.).